Part 1 – Lets choose and develop a subject that matters for mining industry!

Hi dear friend! I’m e-mailing you this post due our contact few days ago. We had a glimpse of working together and I’m beaming to know that we share the same passion and mindset.

If we didn’t talk, maybe someone into our mutual network forwarded this message as a referral. If so, be free to join us into the development of a simple idea:

”Help mining professionals and organizations to set connections, around the world”
(click here to join our initiative up to April 30th)

This is the disclosure of a project that was evolving back in my mind since 3 years ago and comes to reality with excitement and happiness. For me is much more than the beginning of a blog.

I see myself as one of many sponsor of this idea and not as its owner, once similar initiatives are popping up in several formats. I’ll share our progress with mining colleagues and I expect that you do the same through your blog, LinkedIn, or other media.

Our next steps is select and develop “a piece of knowledge”, regarding mining industry, that can be encapsulate into one of those tree formats described bellow:

  1. An Inspirational Article, such as “My recent experience with IoT into underground mining” or “The easy way to avoid mine flood due pump problems”. Material must includes testimonials and real references.
  1. A How to Guide, such as “How to reduce procurement lead time by a third for critical mining operations without bypass any corporate governance rule”. Including spreadsheets, templates and checklists.
  1. A Reference Guide, such as “Steps to reduce mining long term and short term planning discrepancy” or “32 actions that leads to a real cost reduction into open pit mine operations”.

In order to reinforce focus, please observe some rules:

  • Must be something meaningful related to Mining.
  • Any subject is eligible: process, costs, techs, news,…
  • Must address: opportunities, problems and/or solutions.
  • Aim is to encapsulate the essence of the proposed subject.
  • Limits are: 900 words for articles, 15 pages to guides.
  • Passion for selected topic and doing good are main drivers.
  • Business will be a consequence. Brand agnostic is a must.

My personal objective is up to May 2017 create critical mass by publishing 10 materials at my free resources’ blog area. This will includes the topic that we choose to work together.

By the end of 2017, I foresee a virtual connected mining community been established trough major mining hubs: Belo Horizonte, Santiago, Toronto, Johannesburg and Melbourne.

Let’s start!